Receiving & Giving

Receiving and giving are movements of a single, living Source. In the ocean, one body of water ebbs and flows. In the turn and tilt of our Earth, light brightens and dims. The breath that is so essential to life itself fills and empties without our ever thinking about it consciously.

Receiving and giving represent wholeness. Wholeness is the pulse of expansion AND contraction. Wholeness is the climb from the very least to the very most AND the descent down. It is one journey, one heartbeat, one life, pulsing everywhere.

When we define receiving and giving as a 50/50 prospect only (for example, the biblical measurement of “an eye for an eye”), our attachment to a perceived “equal” exchange can interrupt the flow of Source.

When we give with full commitment, whether 1% or 99% of the whole, it all works.

This website, its further development and maintenance, and our weekday What If deliveries operate in accordance with this fullness of nature.

This offering is our unconditional gift to the world. We’re truly glad you’ve found your way to us and hope what you receive helps your life — and thus all of our lives — to flourish!

If you are moved by what you find here, maybe you’ll share this site with those in your circle who might also appreciate it.

You may have the inspiration and means to make a recurring or one-time monetary offering to support content development and the reach of this work.

Perhaps you’ll just receive it fully and let the shifts of perspective here inspire you in intangible and invisible ways that will extend to others. We appreciate it all!

For those of you who choose to contribute financially, we’ve offered some guidelines below.

We trust you and the flow that sustains all of us as chards of the one living Source. We trust you. We trust that flowing freely together will provide all the sustenance needed for many lives that arise from a single, living Source.

This offering is available to all who are drawn to participate. We would love you to share this opportunity with those in your circles to widen the sphere of our reach.  After you subscribe, please return to the Home Page for share icons to do so.

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