Gallery of Contributors

Pat Heavren

It is Pat Heavren’s passion and privilege to be the visionary and coordinator of Sounds from the Sanctuary.

This collection of creative work, the generous contributions of friends and colleagues of Living Source llc, is a rich representation of the many voices of the One Living Source. Pat’s hope is that this virtual listening place will serve as a gathering center, a kind of homecoming for all who make their way here. Her dream is that seeds of fresh perspective can be experienced and shared with others by word of mouth as well as scattered to the wider world through artistic, reflective social media posts for whatever blossom and fruit they bring to and through those they meet.

Pat’s mission and greatest longing is that we each build our personal capacity for remembering that our humanity is our doorway to divinity, and that beneath the chaotic surface of these tumultuous times, there lies the truth that we experience heaven—already dwelling—here on this Earth.

Peter Suchy

Peter’s life dream began with a vision of a quartz crystal sphere in the window of his retail business, set atop of one of Kirby Seid’s specially engineered light boxes, purchased at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. As a gemologist, jeweler, and quartz crystal collector interested in the science of human consciousness, Peter’s interest naturally extended to the meditation and healing practices associated with the crystals as an ancient technology. In time, Peter struck up a collegial relationship with Kirby Seid around this mutual interest and passion.

After meeting and working with Pat Heavren, who supported Peter through a chronic, critical health challenge that ultimately inspired him to live more fully, the storefront dream grew larger. Peter introduced Pat and Kirby and the idea of a collaborative website was born. 

Kirby Seid

Kirby Seid is a teacher with an emphasis on both metaphysical and healing applications. He is dedicated to building relationships between the crystal/mineral kingdom and the evolution of human consciousness. 

For over 30 years, Kirby has traveled the world gathering crystals and artifacts.  He leads crystal workshops and designs tools for healing and shamanic practices. He is also the founder of Ancient Technologies; a business dedicated to the advancement of Resonant Light, combining natural quartz crystals with colored light to create profound transcendent states of awareness. 

Kirby collaborates with his wife and partner, Hillary. Together they are passionate about combining technology, the sciences and the sacred, and facilitating an experience of beauty, co-creation, and self-discovery for groups and individuals. (coming soon,

Steven Halpern

Music for Crystal and Holotope Meditations 

Steven Halpern is a Grammy® Award nominated, multi-platinum selling recording artist, composer, producer, researcher, author and pioneering sound healer.

The Los Angeles Times acknowledges Steven Halpern as “A founding father of New Age music” who launched a “Quiet Revolution” in modern instrumental music that focused more on creating harmony, coherence and balance rather than as mere entertainment. His unique orchestration of tone, time, space and frequency help explain why people hear the music with fresh ears for years and years.

With an unequaled, proven track record of 48 years (1975-2023), Steven’s music continues to be the music of choice for individuals from all walks of life, as well as healers, spiritual teachers, massage therapists and corporate wellness programs.

Kimberley Windbiel

Image/Design Consultant, Content Editing

Kimberley has a checkered past as an East Village rocker and has costumed dozen of shows from children’s theater to Off Broadway. Her experiences also include 20+ years of shamanic healing, learned from many master teachers and nature itself.

Kimberley aims to bring beauty and kindness in all her endeavors. ~

Tom Bove

Web Development, Technical Consult

“I am the architect,” Tom quotes. He’ll say he aligns more with Noah Wilder from The Last Mimzy than with the AI manifestation in The Matrix hellbent on the enslavement of humanity, although very likely has much in common with both. When not trying to resolve his very existence, Tom works for an ad agency building websites, makes music, and muses on a variety of interests.

Jay Miles 

Video Production

Jay handles live and recorded video content creation for a number of NFPs, universities, musical acts, and media clients. He is also a musician and filmmaker based in New Haven, CT.  Award winner, 2021 LA Sun Film Fest ~ Kansas Arthouse Music & Film Festival

Jasmine Balgobin

Video Production 

Jasmine is a Somatic Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Artist and Healing Arts Facilitator. She believes beauty, creativity and pleasure are amazing portals to healing. To learn more about her work:

Ash Estep

Sphere Photography

Ash is a hobbyist photographer with the eye of a true professional. They’re drawn to capture the beauty of nature, and in particular, birds, bodies of water, stone walls and all the magnificent sights of earth and sky.

Ann Marie Bahantka

Photography, Sanctuary at High Rock

Professional photography, travel, landscape, nature art prints

Damien Taylor

Prayers/Dreams Content Contributor

Native New Yorker, nomad, and world traveler. Damien teaches slow flow yoga in classes and private instruction, integrating aspects of Hatha, Vinyasa and Prana Yoga with a focus on breath awareness. 

Christopher Baxter

Prayers Content Contributor

Christopher has an MA in Pastoral Care from Fordham University, works as a Hospice chaplain and is a master of spontaneous, poetic prayers. He identifies as a Kanzeon, which forms the basis of his chaplaincy work and audio work. For more information visit: 

Sara Pam Neufeld

Human Nature Content Contributor

Sara Pam Neufeld is a writer and yoga teacher, at work on a memoir about the quest for balance when life turned upside down. She lives with her husband, two young sons and rescue beagle in Queens, NY. Subscribers to her free monthly newsletter, Right Side UP, receive access to dozens of meditation and breathing practices recorded by her late mother Sue. Subscribe or contact Sara at; @sarapamneufeld on Instagram.

Coco Swanson

Human Nature Content Contributor

Coco Swanson’s been immersed in the study and practice of esoteric arts for over 25 years. She mentors leaders internationally, combining new paradigm business development with embodiment work. With a nonprofit organization for kids in the works, Coco feels excited to collaborate with others in hopes to support children throughout the world.

Dr. Gladys McGarey

Human Nature Content Contributor

Dr. Gladys McGarey is author of The Well Lived Life: A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Any Age. “A story that teaches as much as it inspires” (Edith Eger, New York Times bestselling author). She can be reached at

Dr. Katey Hauser

Human Nature Content Contributor

Dr. Katey Hauser has been a lifelong advocate and student of living a wholistic lifestyle. As a Chiropractor and Art Medicine Practitioner her passion is to help people heal themselves through both of these modalities. She hosts a weekly interview on Instagram with Dr. Gladys. They’ve known each other for 55 years! Katey can be contacted at and at IG @kateyhauser.

Evan Gambardella

Journey Contributor

Evan Gambardella is an internationally renowned Stage and Self-Improvement Hypnotist, a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, as well as a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Evan has performed in 20 countries across 6 continents; living and working in Cape Town, Beijing, New York City, and most recently, Los Angeles. In addition to performing hundreds of shows a year, Evan travels across the continental United States, bringing mental health fitness programming and private hypnosis coaching services from coast to coast. He can be reached at

Roberta Jones


Roberta Jones lives in Easthampton, MA where she writes, teaches, practices shamanic energy medicine, does a little art, loves the world and practices psychotherapy.

Bridget Moriarty


Bridget’s poetry is inspired by the events and people in her life as well as being an observer of nature. Her contributions to LSGC theme around paradox, acceptance, and being what is.

Nan Adams

Original Art Contributor

Born into a family that placed a great value on the arts, I have pursued this interest all my life, experimenting with various disciplines (voice, dancing, painting, printmaking, and animation) and striving to bring form to my own inner journey.  My art has always been therapeutic for me. I believe it can convey that healing energy.